Integrating Multidisciplinary Tertiary Care Medicine with Clinical and Translational Research


Our research is designed to better understand the fundamental changes in cochlear function that underlie progressive hearing loss and to develop novel techniques to treat this problem before it leads to deafness.

Clinically, our ultimate goal is to improve human health not only by caring for our patients expertly, but also by advancing our scientific knowledge base so that all physicians can treat disease more effectively.


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Lee HY, Raphael PD, Xia A, Kim J, Grillet N, Applegate BE, Bowden A, Oghalai JS (2016) Two-dimensional cochlear micromechanics measured in vivo demonstrate radial tuning within the mouse organ of Corti. J Neurosci in press.

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Gao, Simon S, Rosalie Wang, Patrick D Raphael, Yalda Moayedi, Andrew K Groves, Jian Zuo, Brian E Applegate, and John S Oghalai. 2014. “Vibration of the Organ of Corti within the Cochlear Apex in Mice.” Journal of Neurophysiology 112 (5): 1192–1204.

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Lee, Hee Yoon, Patrick D. Raphael, Jesung Park, Audrey K. Ellerbee, Brian E. Applegate, and John S. Oghalai. 2015. “Noninvasive in Vivo Imaging Reveals Differences between Tectorial Membrane and Basilar Membrane Traveling Waves in the Mouse Cochlea.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (10): 3128–33.

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